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With Aged Insurance Leads You Can Drastically Reduce The Amount Of Money You Spend On Leads While Significantly Increasing The Amount Of Sales You Make!

Are you tired of the high cost of internet generated insurance leads and having to pay $7, $10 or more for real time shared leads and $15, $25 or more for real time exclusive leads?

If you are like most agents, you are probably sick of paying that kind of money per lead and:

1. Not being able to reach the prospect
2. Being told that you are the 15th person to call them that day with shared leads and finding out that the exclusive leads were not really exclusive either as many of those leads received calls from other reps as well
3. Being told by the prospect that they are not interested
4. Being told when you finally reach them that they already bought or signed up with another person
5. Finding out that instead of the shared lead only being sold to 5 other people it was really only sold to 10, 15 or more people
6. Finding out that the lead was generated by an affiliate who sold it not only to the lead company you buy from but also sold it to several other lead vendors

Why Has This Problem Persisted?

As far as the lead companies go, the problem persists because the lead companies are looking to make as much profit as they can per lead and seem to have a mindset that there are enough new people to replace the ones who got tired of paying those kind prices for leads that are beat up that first week of their inquiry by multiple agents.

As far as those buying the leads, the problem has persisted because they have thought they did not have any other choice but to have to pay those kind of prices for beat up leads.

While some say they do well with real time leads saying that they close 1 out 10 their first week, others say they only close 1 out 100 or worse due to the fact that the person was bombarded with calls from several reps.

What Would Happen If You Could Get Low Priced Leads Of Prospects Who Have Not Been Beat Up That Same Week By Multiple Agents?

If you started contacting leads like that, your day would be much more enjoyable not having to deal with prospects who have been overwhelmed with one rep call after another during the week of their initial inquiry. Plus you could make more sales if you were dealing with more receptive people to what you are selling when you don’t have multiple reps trying to get them to buy from them at the same time.

What Makes Aged Insurance Leads Any Better?

Internet generated aged insurance leads 3 to 90 days old and 91 to 365 days old are better than the real time leads because:

1. Lower price per lead. You can get them for pennies on the dollar.
2. You have lower client acquisition cost per lead
3. The majority of agents who buy real time leads typically do not bother following up with the lead after the first week, so when you call on an aged lead you are usually the only agent contacting them about your offer anymore, so in most cases all your competition has disappeared.
4. The prospects are now more receptive to talk to a rep now that some time has passed and they are not bent out shape like they were that first week when they were being swamped by tons of agent calls and stopped answering the phone due to this barrage of calls.
5. The majority of the prospects have still not bought insurance because of the frustrating experience they had when they initially inquired but they still need insurance.
6. Most people don’t buy insurance without the assistance of an agent to help and guide them so if you are the only agent talking to them now you have a good shot at getting the business.

But Wouldn’t I Have To Work Much Harder And Put In Many More Hours Working Aged Leads Than I Would Working Real Time Leads?

If you are properly following up with your leads you wouldn’t have to put in anymore time working the aged leads with a dialer than you would if you were buying real time leads. How could this be the case?

You will only get so many sales (and in most cases not enough sales) if you limit yourself to only calling on a prospect the first week of their inquiry. For the rare rep who buys real time leads and properly follows up with the leads, the majority of their sales will come from the sales they pick up in the weeks and months after the prospect’s initial inquiry. Most reps leave a lot of money on the table by only concentrating on the new leads they got that week and neglect everyone else who did not buy right away.

The successful reps who are making the most money are the ones who mining their lists and attempting to get every sale they can from it. Since most prospects don’t buy the first week of their inquiry, if you want to maximize on the number of sales you get from the leads you will need to follow up on those leads regardless if you bought them as real time leads or as aged leads.

What Should You Do Now To Take Your Sales To A New Level?

To learn the principles of how to effectively work leads you should request our free webinar recording we did with a rep who is doing over $60,000 per week working aged leads to learn his system. PLUS when you request his free webinar we’ll provide you the link to his blog where he covers additional details and answers questions about his system. Best of all he is not selling any training course so he doesn’t hold anything back. He tells you exactly what he is doing.

Could Such A System Help Increase Your Sales?

Could you increase your production an extra $10K, $20K or $30K per month or even per week if you implemented the system we advocate of uploading the email addresses of aged leads into an email auto responder and uploading the phone numbers of the aged leads into a dialer? Better yet, if another rep is doing over $60,000 per week selling with aged leads using drip email campaigns and a dialer is there any reason why you couldn’t?

Find out for yourself, with prices as low as 5 cents a lead for aged auto insurance leads, aged homeowners insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, aged health insurance and aged Medicare insurance leads you owe it to yourself to contact us today to get our current listing of prices for aged leads sent to you by email.

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